World Assumptions

Affects: detection

Affects: spatialtemporal

Affects: temporal

Affects: temporalspatial

Completeness Score Breakdown

AVIRIS-NG/GAO Carbon Mapper (1 satellite)
detectionDetection Score 100% 93.4%
spatialSpatial Score 23.6% 100%
temporalTemporal Score 2.5% 13.1%
Completeness Score 0.6% 12.3%

Instrument Parameters

AVIRIS-NG/GAO Carbon Mapper (1 satellite)
(kg CH4/Hour)
10 100
Daily Coverage
3000 17000*
Sample Interval (days) 1544 273
Data Available Publically? Some All

AVIRIS-NG and GAO are separate aircraft imaging spectrometers deployed in methane monitoring surveys. AVIRIS is operated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. GAO is an ASU Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science platform.

Carbon Mapper (1 satellite):
A taskable hyperspectral satellite, developed through the Carbon Mapper Coalition and operated by Planet PBC, with both point-source imaging and push-broom mapping capabilities. Expected launch of 2 satellites in 2023. Daily coverage has been reported up to 315,000 sqkm per satellite.

*Value is the result of orbital simulations performed by the satellite operator using RMI's geolocated land area target deck. This value may differ from possible coverage values, since simulations can account for additional factors such as minimal strip length and target depletion.

Completeness Score