The Satellite Point source Emissions Completeness Tool (SPECT) is an interactive platform that enables users to compare and contrast the capabilities of satellite technologies — both existing and planned — according to a metric of completeness. Completeness refers to the ability to detect global methane super-emitters, or large point sources of methane greater than 25 kg/hr. The metric allows for a more direct comparison between satellites based on the percentage of high-emission methane sources they are able to detect. You can learn more by reading RMI’s accompanying report.

SPECT is designed to help policymakers, regulators, NGOs, and scientists who are actively designing programs and policies to use remote monitoring to help achieve their climate goals, such as the Paris Agreement or the Global Methane Pledge. The metric of completeness can enable civil society to compare satellites to other measurement technologies and maximize the mitigation potential of abatement programs. By offering a way to compare detection across different satellites, it can also help operators identify which instruments offer the best prospect of detecting leaks and assess the success of implemented mitigation strategies. It is intended to be dynamic and enable continuous improvement through engagement with technology providers and users.

Note about SPECT inputs:
  1. Satellite input parameters may be speculative, especially if information on their capabilities is not yet published in the open literature.
  2. Making comparisons is inherently challenging when assumptions and inputs are inconsistent and not explicitly documented.
  3. In this analysis, we have gathered inputs sourced to the best of the authors’ ability by citing open literature and websites that detail instrument performance. These may not be peer reviewed sources. A full list of sources can be found in the Appendix of the affiliated Satellite Completeness Report.
  4. RMI will update new satellite capabilities as these are publicly documented. We will also work with technology operators that can run simulations using RMI's target deck to adjust system parameters. Please contact the RMI team (climateintelligence@rmi.org) to alert us to mistakes, suggest data improvements, or discuss how to collaborate on adjusting system parameters.